Computer Science Education Week

Code with Google & Chance the Rapper celebrate student creativity

December 9th - 15th is Computer Science Education Week - an annual event for partners and educators to come together and encourage millions of students to try computer science.

This year, we’re celebrating student coders in Chicago Public Schools alongside Chance the Rapper and his nonprofit, SocialWorks.


Students in Chicago Public Schools have been working on a video game using Scratch, a creative coding platform for kids. The game was recently named by Chance the Rapper as the "official video game" for the song, I Love You So Much.

With support from SocialWorks, CS4ALL in Chicago, and

Play SuperMe

Recently named the “official video game” for the song, I Love You So Much, SuperMe’s hand drawn heroes hail from Chicago Public Schools - where students across seven elementary and middle schools used code to make the heroes fly through their city - collecting hearts along the way.

Play Game Try activity
Play Game Try activity

Hour of Code

Teachers: Your students can code a hero game too

Enjoyed SuperMe? Introduce your students to Code your Hero, a one hour coding activity from CS First, Code with Google's free coding curriculum for the classroom.

Code with Google expands access to CS education throughout the year

Explore initiatives and programs that provide students — from grade school to grad school — a way to explore the many paths that computer science can take them.

About CSEdWeek

CSEdWeek is an annual celebration dedicated to inspiring K-12 students to engage in computer science. Originally conceived by Computing in the Core coalition, organizes CSEdWeek as a grassroots campaign supported by 350 partners and 100,000 educators worldwide.

Scratch is a free programming language and online community, available at